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Shrek: As a Parody and a Romance

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Shrek can be categorized as a romance and also as a parody of a romance. The movie contained elements of an actual romance as well as it-parodied characters and situations in a romance. Scatological humor was used religiously throughout the movie to help show the parodied side of the romance.

Features of an actual romance in shrek include the lighthearted tone and chivalric love. The lighthearted tone was evident throughout shrek because in the end the bad guy’s bad karma caught up with him and the hero gets the girl. The best element of chivalric love was shown more towards the end of the movie. When princess Fiona took loves true form, she thought she was ugly, but Shrek told her that she really was beautiful. Another example of chivalric love in the movie included a daring deed. Shrek’s daring deed was shown when he went to rescue the princess from almost marrying the evil king. He busted in the church and proclaimed his true feelings for the princess. Adventure was the last real romance element. Most of the movie was an adventure, but the quest that Donkey and Shrek took; to save princess Fiona from the towering castle surrounded by hot lava and guarded by a fire breathing dragon, was the climaxing adventure point.

Characters in Shrek were based more on parodying the romance rather than truly being romantic. Shrek was pretty much a parody in himself because he was a supernatural noble hero. Furthermore, the monster-like noble hero was the one who performed the daring deed not to be chivalrous, but to gain the deed to his swamp back. Irony played a big part in the parodying of the romance. Idealizing the hero was the biggest parody. Although Shrek turned out to be chivalrous in the end, he was still an ogre. He belched in the presence of a lady, claiming it was a complimentary gesture. He also proved to show courtesy towards women when he pull down the tree so Fiona could walk across the stream.

The situations in the movie were also parodied a lot. As far as making the movie out of the ordinary, the story line nailed it on the head. The hero, for instance is a crude and swarthy monster the lives in a swamp and bathes in mud. The king, who is usually portrayed as the real hero in a romance, had a rewritten curse word for a name and his ego was larger than his height. The idealized era took place in the far away setting of the land of Fark-wad. There weren’t any big cities and it was definitely set during the medieval period because there were still knights and kings. The landscape was full of swamps, castles, and lush green countryside. Episodically, the movie was proportionate. Shrek had two quests in two different episodes. In one, he sought out Lord Fark-wad to demand his swamp back and to force the fairytale things off it. In another, he went off to find the princess for Fark-wad. Even the kind had his own where he flaunted his arrogance to try and gain respect from some of the fairytale creatures.

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All in all, the movie could have been perceived as a romance or as a parody. The best thing was how entertaining the movie remained while using elements from a parody and a romance. In conclusion the film had examples of an actual romance, plenty of character parodies, and situation parodies.

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