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Panic attacks and alternative treatment

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Panic Attacks and Alternative Treatment

Have you ever experienced a feeling of dizziness, accelerated heart rate, depersonalization, or the fear of losing control? If so, you could be included in a large percent of the population suffering from an anxiety disorder called panic attacks. Well, there may be a non-medicated way to cure that ever-scary feeling of doom.

A panic attack is a distinct period of intense fear and discomfort often associated by an increase of stress, but also by “triggers” (particular events or items). Panic attacks often lead to panic disorders by just having the fear of another attack.

There are many different types of anxiety disorders including social phobia, acute stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and substance induced anxiety. These and many other disorders have panic attacks included in their symptoms.

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Psychologists and psychiatrists continue to use psychotropic drugs to treat the different types of disorders. But the word of many alternative natural cures, are slowly making its way to ears everywhere. Some natural remedies may include exercise, yoga, and meditative awareness. There are solid health promotions one can do practice healthy food consumption like proteins free of steroids and limiting caffeine and sugar intake. Concentrating on breathing exercises tends to work as well, turning your awareness to breathing, naturally calms and relaxes the body. A third natural remedy is the concept of “mindfulness”. Beginning a mindfulness meditative process is essentially nothing more than sitting quietly with the constant attempt to chase down each wandering thought as it occurs, and bring attention back to our breathing pattern. This practice builds gradually with patience and can serve as a powerful vehicle for self understanding and healing. (Weil, 18)

Therapy can also play a role in the healing process. One psychotherapeutic therapy approach is referred to the “renegotiation of trauma”. This therapy allows trapped energy created by the “immobility response” to be released. Another therapy, Cranial Sacral therapy concentrates on the manipulation of cerebrospinal fluid, this may also be considered similar in concept with the releasing of trapped energy caused by drama.

A good way to increase one person’s own ability to read their biological response to stimuli would be the biofeedback machine. It teaches people to slow their breathing and calm their heartbeat and to control what are usually subconscious responses. Because the core of anxiety is usually a complex mixture of circumstances no one approach can be successful in a complete cure. Recommendations are said to be most effective when used in combination with another.

In short, panic attacks can rattle you to your core, and now its nice to know you don’t have to be medicated, to be cured.

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